Depression and Suicide – Let’s Talk About It

I know what you’re thinking. “Mary, I come here to get away from the things that stress me out. I come here to enjoy posts about coloring, and how enjoyable it is, and all the really cool designs and artists and products designed for coloring! What’s with this downer headline about depression and suicide?”


Markers? Pencils? Ketchup? What medium should I use?

As my Facebook group has been growing, a lot of new members introduce themselves with the question “What should I use to color with?” The short answer, of course, is “Whatever you like best!” That doesn’t really help answer the question though, so I thought I’d talk a bit about the characteristics of the different types of coloring media. (more…)

Coloring News Wrap Up

Coloring is starting to get some attention in the news! I thought everyone might enjoy reading some interesting articles and videos I’ve come across this week.

Have you seen any other coloring-related articles? Share them in the comments!