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Depression and Suicide – Let’s Talk About It

I know what you’re thinking. “Mary, I come here to get away from the things that stress me out. I come here to enjoy posts about coloring, and how enjoyable it is, and all the really cool designs and artists and products designed for coloring! What’s with this downer headline about depression and suicide?”


How Coloring Speaks to My Heart and Heals Me

Hallway in Dannie's house showing some of her colorings.

by Dannie L. Aasted

I started coloring as an adult when I was 52. I picked up a few coloring books and crayons for my friends and I to do some inner child work. Though we had fun doing it together, I was the one who fell in love with the art. Soon I was buying coloring books for grown-ups, fancy pencils and markers and special tools for sharpening, erasing, and blending.