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Erika Harm, creating and collaborating in Las Vegas

‘Parting Gift’ by Erika Harm. Click image to see larger image on Erika’s blog.

When she isn’t working at a casino, Las Vegas resident Erika Harm is creating art, illustrations, and graphic designs. She has created art for web comics, portraits for Ellen Million’s Portrait Adoption service, and many other art pieces. She’s attended several Comic Cons and Expos as an artist, and loves collaborating with other artists. Favorite hobbies include watching anime and collecting manga (comic books.)

As part of a team of artists who collaborated on several coloring books published by Ellen Million Graphics, Erika kindly answered our artist questionairre for


An interview with artist Alberta Hutchinson

alberta-hutchinson-mandalaAlberta Hutchinson has been an artist for many years, and publishes coloring books through Dover, as well as her own imprint (Hand Made Books.) She doesn’t use or own a computer, so we had to send the interview questions to a friend’s email account. Alberta then wrote out her answers and mailed them to Dover, where they were transcribed back into the computer so I could get them in email! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! LOL


Wendy Piersall – Blogging her way to artistic success

When I was asked to review Wendy Piersall’s coloring books, I wondered why the name sounded so familiar. Then I realized that I knew the name from my entrepreneur reading online. In addition to being an artist, Wendy is a well-known authority on blogging, web 2.0 marketing, entrepreneurship, and social media. (more…)

Miryam Adatto’s flowing lines evoke dreamy and fanciful colorings

miryam-adatto-Drawing-40While I find it wonderful that there are so many coloring books that adults can enjoy, there do seem to be a large number of designs in with similarities in styles. Finding books that stand out with a unique style is always refreshing. When you see Miryam Adatto’s art, it seems to flow across the page, with lines and shapes that have an organic and ethereal quality. There is no mistaking her unique style, and her coloring books were some of the first to make it onto my wish list.


Esther Brendel shares her love of fantasy and nature

Goldsinggreifchen_EstherBrendelWhen you’re hiking in the woods and you see a bird fly swiftly away, do you wonder if maybe, just maybe, it isn’t actually a bird? Maybe it’s a fantastical creature no one has seen before. Maybe it’s a fairy, or a tiny winged dragon, or perhaps it’s a mixture of songbirds and lions, the subject of Esther Brendel’s coloring book Songgryphons.


Angela Porter – Bringing joy and peace through coloring

This quote from Angela pretty much sums up the way I feel about my own artwork and coloring:

I love colour, and love to work with it’s symbolic representations – colour evokes strong responses in us all on an unconscious level, and it is this unconscious well of inspiration I seek to tap into and use in my work.
– Angela Porter


Marjorie Sarnat’s whimsical art delights colorists


Marjorie Sarnat has been delighting collectors for years with her mixed media art, designer collectibles, and textile designs. Recently, while coloring her Kleo Kats series, she realized others might also enjoy coloring in her cats.

Dover agreed. Since April, her book Creative Cats (in Dover’s Creative Haven series) has been flying off the shelves and getting rave reviews. (more…)

Marty Noble – continuing a family tradition in the arts


Whether or not you believe in genetic pre-disposition, Marty Noble couldn’t help but be exposed to art from an early age. All four of her grandparents attended art school together in the ’20s, and her mother was also an accomplished artist. Both her mother, Helen Noble, and her maternal grandfather, George C Harper, are recognized in American Artist’s Who’s Who. (more…)