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Creative coloring – are we fooling ourselves?

With coloring suddenly becoming popular and reported in the news almost every week for the last few months, many writers feel like the have to write about it, even if they don’t really know anything about it. It’s how trends start and grow. This brings out a lot of people praising how wonderful it is that grownups are coloring, but also those who think it’s the most stupid idea they every heard. Adults, coloring? Absurd!! (more…)

Is coloring as a hobby beneficial or harmful?

In the news this week, we’ve had a couple of articles that go beyond the “Hey look! Coloring is a big trend!”

Anthropologist Adrienne Zilhman tells us a story of how, as a Ph.D. candidate, she took a course where the professor used a biological coloring book to help students visualize and understand the differences between various species and fossils. At the time she thought coloring the book was silly, as it was a “children’s activity.” But now she’s an avid colorist. (more…)

How Coloring Speaks to My Heart and Heals Me

Hallway in Dannie's house showing some of her colorings.

by Dannie L. Aasted

I started coloring as an adult when I was 52. I picked up a few coloring books and crayons for my friends and I to do some inner child work. Though we had fun doing it together, I was the one who fell in love with the art. Soon I was buying coloring books for grown-ups, fancy pencils and markers and special tools for sharpening, erasing, and blending.