Upcoming Reviews

I’ve gotten to the point where I need to keep track of what’s been sent to me for review, so I’ve decided to keep a list here. This way you can see what’s on “The Stack!” Also, artists can check here if they aren’t sure if I’ve received their books sent for review. [Note: The list below does not indicate the order I’ll be reviewing. In general, I try to review in the order I receive books, but I may change that. For example, in October, I’ll probably pull the Halloween-themed books to the top of the stack, etc.]

Kaleidoscopia Coloring Books

  • Musical Safari by Lizzy Blu
  • Mechanical Mayhem by Lizzy Blu
  • Lighthearted Lunacy by Lizzy Blu
  • Tangled Angles IV by Loni Gansmann

Ellen Million Graphics

  • Gardens & Goddesses, Vol. 2 by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

Colour Calm series

  • Issue 1
  • Issue 2

Blue Star Coloring Books

  • The Ultimate 7-in-1 Collection

Phoenix Yard Books

  • The Second One and Only Colouring Book for Adults

Andrews McMeel Publishing

  • Posh Coloring Book: Japanese Designs for Fun and Relaxation
  • Posh Coloring Book: Soothing Designs for Fun and Relaxation

Penny Farthing Graphics

  • The World’s Best Butterfly Coloring Book
  • The World’s Best Mandala Coloring Book

Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

  • Paisleys: Coloring for Artists
  • Mandalas: Coloring for Artists

Adams Media

  • Stress Less Coloring: Mosaic Patterns
  • The Art of Nature Coloring Book

Diversion Books

  • Cats in Hats by Diana Hansen-Young
  • Serenity Swirls by Jennifer Lankenau
  • 52 Flower Mandalas by David J. Bookbinder and Emily Sper

Watkins Publishing

  • Coloring for Contemplation by Amber Hatch with illustrations by Alex Ogg

Watson-Guptill Publications

  • Cats in Paris by Won-Sun Jang
  • The Time Chamber by Daria Song
  • The Time Garden by Daria Song

Independent Artist Books

  • Fanciful Fashions by Marjorie Sarnat
  • Coloring on the Edge by Karlon Douglas
  • The Colors Within by Jules Cada [e-book]
  • Coloring Books for Adults, Vol. 1: Tranquility by Fat Robin Books [e-book]
  • The Coloring Cafe: Bible Blessings to Color by Ronnie Walter
  • Ornamentals Volume 1: Whimsical Mandalas  by Sue Chastain
  • Songs of Black and White by Julian Trocaru
  • The Garden Gnomes by J. B. Johnson
  • Secrets Beneath the Leaves by Arto Törmänen (Vivid Owl Coloring)
  • Carnival Carnage by J.A. Early Riser and T.J. Crayons
  • Coloring Ocean Mandalas by Wendy Piersall
  • Color Cats by Margaret Gates Root
  • State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book by Heather Burns


  • Sharpie rolls by Robyn Johannes
  • PanPastel Colors
  • Stabilo 88 markers