secrets-leavesSecrets Beneath the Leaves
Publisher: Törmänen & Haikonen
Copyright: 2015
Number of designs: 30
ISBN-10: 9526843800
ISBN-13: 978-9526843803

Artist Arto Törmänen created 30 designs “inspired by the beauty of nature and the human body” in this delightfully detailed book. While the topic of many designs could be considered “intimate.” Arto explores them with a grace and elegance that is artistic, not vulgar. While this book may not be considered appropriate for young children, it is a wonderful coloring book for the adult colorist who enjoys artistic expression and the beauty of the human form. While the designs are single-sides, the Vivid Owl Coloring team decided to take smaller versions of each design and display them on the back of each image in grayscale. So if you are using a medium such as colored pencil, you could decide to color those as well.

Review Breakdown

  • Complexity: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Book Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Design Borders: None
  • Design Lines: hand drawn, thin to medium line thickness
  • Paper: average
  • Printing: single-sided
  • Binding: glue-bound

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