christmas-mandalas-messagesChristmas Mandalas and Messages
Publisher: Mix Books (via CreateSpace)
Copyright: 2015
Number of designs: 31
ISBN-10: 1518619789
ISBN-13: 978-1518619786

Have I mentioned I love Christmas? I still remember as a child, waking up and tiptoeing downstairs before anyone else was awake. Not because I wanted to sneak a look at the presents, or because I hoped to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. I just wanted to spend some time sitting on the couch with the tree lit, enjoying all the decorations and being quiet for a while. I knew in a few minutes my brother would wake up and pester my parents to come down so we could open our presents, and then the rush of dressing for Christmas mass, and all the other family traditions, would make it impossible to find a quiet moment to enjoy the beautiful tree with all our family ornaments. So I stole that time before anyone else was awake.

In Christmas Mandalas and Messages, Mix Books brings all the beautiful elements of Christmas to you with two distinct styles. The book alternates between “mandalas,” with their distinctive circular shape and repeating elements, and “messages,” which are presented as hand-drawn text over a related scene within a square or rectangular shape. Most of the designs are intermediate to advanced, due to intricate details within the designs. The style is somewhat whimsical, but manages to avoid being childish.

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Review Breakdown

  • Complexity: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Book Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Design Borders: Varies
  • Design Lines: hand drawn, thin to medium thickness
  • Paper: average
  • Printing: single-sided
  • Binding: glue-bound

While the title of the book specifically mentions Christmas, many of the designs are more general in nature, revolving around a winter theme. There are several mandalas with themes revolving around winter activities (gloves/hats/mittons, etc.,) snowflake and snowman designs, and candy/food themes. There are even some polar bears and penguins wandering about!

On the traditional Christmas front, Santa Claus makes an appearance, of course, as do his elves, some reindeer, stockings, the three Kings, and a multitude of angels. Of course, decorations, holly leaves and Christmas trees also abound throughout the various pages. So get out your favorite Christmas colors (they don’t have to be red and green, you know!) and get ready to lose yourself in the holiday delights within this book.

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