staedtler-coolStaedtler Triplus Fineliners
Company: Staedtler
Number of markers: varies

Review by Lucy Fyles

Staedtler kindly sent me a set of Triplus 334 C15H Fineliner Pens – Assorted. The Staedtler Triplus Fineliners have 0.3mm nibs (0.1mm smaller than Stabilo), and have a triangular, ergonomic barrel making them fairly chunky and easy to hold. They are available in 30 colours, plus 6 neons which can be purchased separately. They are available in various different sized sets from individual pens all the way up to the full set of 36 and everything inbetween (6, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30.)

staedtler-fibre-tips-3Some of the sets are available in cardboard packaging — not ideal because the pens can be difficult to remove and replace. Others are in the distinctive plastic Staedtler stand-up boxes which make removing and replacing the pens really easy. The barrels of the triplus fineliners are silver with the cap and end the colour of the ink. In contrast, the barrels of the Steadtler Fibre-Tip Pens are the colour of the ink and the caps are dark blue, so they’re easily distinguishable from each other.

The colours of the Staedtler Fineliners are perfectly matched to the Staedtler Fibre-Tips which is very handy for images with small and large spaces. You can use the fineliners for detailed sections and the fibre-tips for larger areas to get seamless colour continuity. The pens have water-based ink and are odourless, so there’s no getting high or headache-y when using them like there is with solvent-based pens. According to the Staedtler website the pens are all dry safe, with long cap-off times, except the neons. I’ve not tested this, though, as I don’t want to ruin my pens!

There are 6 pastel colours — these can be found in the full set of 30 or in a set on their own. A word of warning — they are pretty dark and not as pastel as I’d personally have liked. The cap colour is not accurate on these pens, so always test them on some scrap paper or create a colour chart first to avoid disappointment. The colour range is great and most are really bright and vibrant. The purples, however, leave a lot to be desired, and three of the browns are incredibly similar. They mostly don’t duplicate the Stabilo colours, so if you’re looking for a lot of colours, getting both sets won’t lead to lots of double-ups.

So, are these pens for you? Personally, I find these pens a little too thin and scratchy. When I colour and write, I hold the pen very upright. Because the nibs on these pens are quite pointy, it doesn’t give a great surface to colour. If you hold pens at more of a slanted angle, you may well get on better with these than I do.

The first set I was sent was really quite scratchy, and I wasn’t a fan. The new set I ordered this week, though, hasn’t felt scratchy at all. My personal preference, though, is for the Stabilo fineliners. If you’re worried about whether you’ll like these, my suggestion would be to get a single pen of each of the two brands and try them out (or try them in a shop.) From what I’ve seen, it seems to be a real 50/50 split for preference. If you do decide to purchase these, I would advise getting the biggest set you can, as they’re usually the best value. Besides, you always need more colours, right? I have 8 sets of varying sizes of markers, all from different shops and brands, and I still wish for more colours!

Editor’s Note:

Lucy is a UK member of my Facebook group, Coloring Books for Adults. She reviews books specifically for those suffering from mental illness. Lucy is able to bring a unique viewpoint to this target group, as both a person who suffers from her own severe anxiety disorder, and as someone who has worked with psychiatric inpatients. You can read Lucy’s blog for more information, or connect with her through Facebook.

(Since the UK uses the alternate spelling of “colour”, you’ll find “coloured pencils” and other alternate spellings used in her reviews.)

Do you have these markers? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments!

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