Publisher: Ellen Million Graphics
Copyright: 2014 (Third printing)
Number of designs: 14

a crazy song.
It’s a bird.
out of its throat
smaller than a finger
can there fall the waters
of its song?
–Pablo Neruda

Today’s lineart comes to you from Esther Brendel. Drawn in the style of a bird-watcher’s journal, Esther brings us drawings of tiny little creatures perched on tree branches and resting among the grasslands.

Gryphons, a creature from Greek mythology, with the head and talons of an eagle, and the body and legs of a lion. Just as there are the great lions and cute fluffy house cats; just as there is the great eagle and the goldfinch; so also there is the majestic gryphon and the shy, tiny songgryphon.

Review Breakdown

  • Complexity: Intermediate
  • Book Size: 8 x 8 inches
  • Design Borders: None, margins vary from 1/4 inch to an inch
  • Design Lines: hand-drawn, so it varies, but generally thin
  • Paper: average thickness
  • Printing: single-sided
  • Binding: staple-bound

The gryphon stands alone upon the mountain top,
watching the valley below its nest upon an old gray rock.
Seeing all with eagle eyes in the valley below,
thinking thoughts within its mind that no mortal man will know.
— Sean D. Rasmussen

The designs in this book are clearly drawn by an experienced artist, and they are quite adorable. I have to admit that without any color, though, they all look very similar. There is one that I could tell is based on a cardinal, complete with a fluffy crest. But for the rest, as with regular songbirds, you may need to reference the Latin names Esther includes to tell the difference between them.

Do you have this book? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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