alberta-hutchinson-mandalaAlberta Hutchinson has been an artist for many years, and publishes coloring books through Dover, as well as her own imprint (Hand Made Books.) She doesn’t use or own a computer, so we had to send the interview questions to a friend’s email account. Alberta then wrote out her answers and mailed them to Dover, where they were transcribed back into the computer so I could get them in email! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! LOL

Art comes as a gift from the heart.  You see something in your inner vision and you obey and try to set it down.
– Alberta Hutchinson

Q: What inspired you to start creating art for coloring books?

Alberta: I’ve been drawing and coloring and making my own little books with stories and pictures since I was a child.  I was doing portraits practically since kindergarten.

Q: How long have you been drawing?

Alberta: As soon as I could hold a pencil or a crayon.

Q: Do you work entirely digitally, or do you prefer pen and paper when creating?

Alberta: I know NOTHING about computer stuff.  UGH!! And I don’t want to.  (Editor’s Note: Alberta’s interview was actually handwritten.)

Q: Do you make/sell other kinds of art?

Alberta: Yes.  I make all kinds of art, but I only sell when I want to.  I’d rather give pieces away.  I did work for many years as a paid commercial artist doing illustrations, posters, album covers, etc.  Anything that was required.

Q: When coloring your own art, what is your favorite medium?

Alberta: I enjoy all mediums but prefer fine tipped pens and colored pencils.

Q: What color or colors do you most love to work with?

Alberta: All colors are SACRED and DIVINE.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your art. Do you have a favorite piece that you created?

Alberta: Art comes as a gift from the heart.  You see something in your inner vision and you obey and try to set it down.  It’s the biggest thrill – addictive even.  It teaches you love and depth and respect and awe and sometimes makes you sob and cry!

Q: Other than creating coloring book art, what interesting hobbies or activities do you enjoy?

Alberta: I enjoy playing piano, singing, folk guitar like old hippy Joan Baez type of stuff.  I did gigs when I was younger.

Q: Have you had any memorable responses to your art work from collectors?

Alberta: Sure – all my life.

Q: If you had to choose one superpower, what would it be?

Alberta: To heal the planet.  Bring love, peace and sharing to all mankind and all beloved animals and life forms.  One family together evolving.

Q: Who is your favorite artist?

Alberta: Arthur Rackham, Michaelangelo.  There are a zillion others.

Q: Is there some person, place or thing that inspires you when you are creating your art?

Alberta: Ghandi, Buddha, Mahavira, Mother Theresa, My mother and father, anything beautiful, pure, innocent, sweet, musical, happy, brave, strong.  Basic kindness to all life forms.  AND TREES – they make me cry.  Certain air temperatures and scents.  Colors and Shapes are my “art” Temple consciousness.  This world is sacred in form.  Energy and living, breathing mother/father originator eternal home.

Some of Alberta’s coloring books: (All her books on Amazon)

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