by Caitlin Neary

Our Facebook group member Caitlin posted this comparison of two different types of cardstock available from Neenah. Hopefully this will help you when choosing cardstock for printing your digital coloring designs!

For this comparison, Caitlin used four different types of colored pencils:

  • Prismacolor Premiers
  • Lyra Polycolor
  • Koh-i-noor Woodless
  • Crayola

Here are the results. (Click on the images for a full-size version.)

neenah-comp1 neenah-comp2


The Vellum Bristol has a lightly textured surface and a lot more of the white of the paper shows through. The Exact Index has a smooth surface which makes for more even coverage. I used a very light stroke for all of these marks, to show you how it looks on the first layer. I blended them all using a colorless blender pencil.

The Vellum Bristol, you have to press harder to cover up the white spots, but the color also comes out a little bit richer. The Vellum Bristol can take about 7-8 layers before the tooth is filled, while the Exact Index can only take about 4-5. Of course if you press lighter, both can take more layers. The number of layers is my results with the pressure I normally use.

I would recommend the Exact Index if you have a light hand and like to build up layers rather than trying to smoosh the colors into each other. If you are heavy handed and like to blend a lot, then the Vellum Bristol is probably more your style. I found that although the Vellum Bristol can take lots of layers, it’s tiring trying to smooth out the white spots… but YMMV…. hope this helps!

[Editor’s note: Neenah cardstock can be purchased through Amazon.]

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