mary-doodle-smallWhen I created my first name doodle, shown here, I filled in my name with a doodle technique I found that looks like a braid. I was really pleased with how three-dimensional the braid looked when I had finished inking it in. I’m going to show you how to get the same effect!

You’re probably thinking this is going to be difficult, but in 5 short steps, you too will be able to create this effect.

Step 1. Draw two parallel lines. They can be straight or slightly curved.


Step 2. Draw a zigzag between the lines.


Step 3. Starting at one end, extend the lines out to the sides.


So now you have a braid. But it’s still rather flat. But a couple of extra touches, and we’ll give this braid some life!

Step 4. Where each line intersects in the middle, we’re going to add a bit of shading. Just add a little triangle and fill it in.


You can already see some dimension, but one more addition and the braid will really take shape.
Step 5. If you have a thinner pen, use it for this step. If not, use a very light touch. From the center out, add random lines to each section of braid.

There you have it! If you’re coloring the braid, consider using a darker color toward the middle and a lighter color as you move outward. It will increase the three-dimensional effect.

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