No, it isn’t that kind of adult website!

When I was deciding on a URL for this site, I searched dozens of domain names and search phrases to see what kind of results Google delivered. was always my first choice, and it didn’t occur to me until a couple months after I first started researching the URL that adding “adult” to the name might result in some… interesting search results.

I think “adult coloring books” may be the only search with “adult” in the title which actually gives you results that aren’t skewed toward the more pornographic audience. (There may be a couple others, but I’m really not motivated to do that kind of research!)

You’re probably thinking “If it’s not that kind of site, then what is it?” Good question! Over the past few years, I’ve noticed more and more people taking an interest in coloring as a way to relax, exercise their creativity, deal with difficult situations, or enjoy just for fun. But there doesn’t appear to be a website that explores these ideas, offering interesting articles and reviews of coloring books designed for an older audience.

So that’s what this site will do.

  • I’ll review coloring books that appeal to adults, so you can make informed decisions when purchasing books for your own use. (Disclosure: Yes, I’m going to use affiliate links in the reviews to help support the site.)
  • I’ll also review some of the other websites that offer coloring pages and/or books to rate their suitability for adults looking to find more complex designs to color.
  • I’ll interview coloring book artists and publishers.
  • I’ll post interesting articles about the origins of some of the more popular themes in adult coloring, such as mandalas and zen tangles.
  • I’ll research and write articles about how coloring is being used in art therapy
  • I’ll provide my own coloring book art, in a variety of formats.
  • I’ll poll you, the readers of the site, to find out what interests you about adult coloring books, so I can target those interests.
  • I may occasionally have giveaways and contests, because who doesn’t love free stuff!

Currently, I hope to post a minimum of one review or interview and one general interest article each week. I’m sure it will evolve over time, but this is my current vision for the site. I hope you enjoy the journey, and you’re not too disappointed because this isn’t a site for people who want to color pictures of naked people. *grin*


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